October 8th

6/7- head cold wasn’t good today. Snatches were all fine but once I got to the cleans I didn’t feel like I had much in me. Back squats the same. Didn’t even start Grace, I spent more time blowing my nose than anything else in the session. Hopefully it’s just a head cold and I can hit Grace next week.

A. Squat snatch; 7 singles @80% 1rm: 76kg. rest 2 min
(Felt ok on these.)

B. Squat clean; build to a max
(60,80,90,100,107,110,113 miss. Just didn’t feel good, head was heavy)

C. Back squat; 6, 6, 6; rest 3 min
(100,105,110kg. Didn’t feel great, had hoped to squat 120 x 6 but couldn’t get near it today.)

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