7/8- felt much better today, improved energy levels and had only one missed snatch.

A. Squat snatch; 8 singles @83% 1rm @ 77.5kg; rest 2 min
(Just one miss but overall felt pretty good.)

B. Squat clean clusters 1.1.1×5; rest 20 sec/rest 2 min @ 97.5kg
(Felt ok, few cleans were off but generally pretty good. Bottom position still feels weaker than before though)

C. Front squat; 6×6. rest 3 min
(90,92.5,92.5,95,95,95kg. Had hoped to work up to 100kg but mid/upper back didnt feel like it was going to happen.)

D. Weigthed back extensions @2222; 6-8×4; rest 2 min
(Used 8kg DB. Middle back feels like it needs to get much stronger.)

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