October 27th

8- felt great today, snatches felt good all the way up to 90. Decided to take a 3kg jump them and try 93kg for a PR but missed it a couple of times so left it. Happy enough with 90kg for the day. Front squat was a PR triple at 120kg. That’s probably the first PR on my front squat in at least a year if not longer, really happy with it.

A. Squat snatch; build to a max
(40,50,60,70,75,80,83,86,88,90,93 miss,93 miss)

Video shows 86-93:

B. Squat clean; 6 singles @85% 1rm; 100kg. Rest 2 min
(All felt good.)

C. Front squat; build to a 3rm
(60.80,100,110,115,120 PR)

D. Jumping good mornings; 8-10×4; rest 2 min
(40,45,50,50kg. Felt good)

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