October 29th

8- felt great today apart from my left wrist again. Pretty tender throughout the snatches but was fine during the clean&jerks.

OLY MEET simulation:

Warm ups: 40,50,60,70,75,80
1. 82 felt good
2. 85 felt good
3. 88 miss. Jumped back and left the bar out in front, silly miss but still comfident of these numbers for the meet. I’ll attempt them again on Saturday.

Warm ups: 60,70,80,90,95,100
1. 105 felt good
2. 108 felt good, although there was a little press out on the jerk I think.
3. 110 felt good. Happiest with this as missed the jerk last week.

A. Squat snatch; 3 singles @90% of heaviest successful from sim; 75kg. Rest 3 min.
(Felt good on these.)

B. Squat clean and jerk; 3 singles @85% heaviest successful from sim; 95kg. Rest 2min.
(Felt fine here)

C. Banded clean pulls 3×3; rest 2 min
(100,105,107.5kg. Felt good)

Video shows set 2 @ 105kg

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