November 8th

8/9- felt great today at the meet. Was an early start at 6:30am to get ready and drive 30mins out to the gym that was hosting. Some food then coached our ladies lifters before warming up myself.

A. Snatch:
Didn’t get my usual movility warm up in but felt good nonetheless. Warm up area I hit my usual lifts:
40 x 2 x 3
50 x 2 x 2
60 x 2+1
70 x 2 x 1
75 x 2 x 1
80 x 2 x 1

Opened at 82kg and missed behind me. Just over pulled it and lost it in the bottom position. Bar just felt very light, probably a combination of the adrenaline and a different bar, plates etc. Knew it was fine so stuck with the plan and went to 85kg.

85kg went fine, no problem.

88kg also went fine, no problem. Happy with that.

Felt like I could’ve gone straight to 91 and then 93/94kg for a PR attempt! Felt really good but left it and got some food and coffee as the C&J’s would be at least an hour to 90mins away.

B. Clean&jerks:
Warmed up as usual and felt great again. Hit my usual build sets of:
60 x 3 x 1
70 x 2 x 1
80 x 2 x 1
90 x 2 x 1
95 x 2 x 1
100 x 1

Opened at 105kg. Clean was no problem. Jerk was fine but I re-bent my right elbow for some reason when standing then pressed it out. Stuck with the plan though and went to 108kg.

108kg clean was fine, jerk was fine. Slightly forward but fine.

110kg clean was also fine and jerk was good too.

Happy enough with hitting 4/6 and hitting 198kg @ 82kg. My Sinclair got me first place on the day, my wife got second in the ladies and our team beat the other team so a successful day.

(Video isn’t great but that’s all I have for the day)

108kg & 110kg:

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