November 15th

8- felt pretty good. Wrist not too bad throughout the session.

A. Split jerk; 15 singles @80% 1rm; 95kg. rest 2 min
(All fine, working on getting faster feet with the slight change in stance.)

B1. Weighted pull up clusters 2.2.2×5; rest 20 sec/rest 2 min
(All sets @ 28kg KB. No problems)
B2. Half kneeling rotation and press; 6-8×5; rest 2 min
(All sets @ 17.5kg DB, no problems)

C. Negative body levers; 6 slow controlled reps x5; rest 90 seconds
D. Side plank (on elbow); 45 seconds unbroken x5; rest as needed bw sides
10 min amrap:
10 barbell lunges @ 50kg
10 toes to bar
40 double unders

(5 rounds. All exercises unbroken with 10-15s between exercises or rounds. Lungs feel a little tight again, need more work on my diaphragm and T-spine to open up my breathing again. Happy enough though)

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