8- felt good today, wrist felt a bit of pressure on the bench but nothing major.

A1. Strict press @31×3; 2-3×6; rest 1 min
(50,52.5,55,55,55,55kg all x 3. Felt good)

A2. Weighted eccentric only pull ups @51A2; 2-3×6; rest 2 min
(28,32,32,32,32,32kg. Felt good)

B1. Bench press; 4-5×5; rest 90 seconds
(75,77.5,77.5,77.5,77.5,80kg. Tough by last set but all x 5 reps)

B2. Bent over barbell rows; 4-5×5; rest 90 seconds
(65,70,72,72,72,75kg. Fine)
Row sprint 45 seconds @100%
rest 4 min
(235,231,234,235,236,237m. All good, no problems with recovery)

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