November 25th

8- felt good today. Left wrist a little tender but definitely improving. Low back and hamstrings felt a lot of work especially on the 3 pos DL’s but it’s much needed.

A. Power clean x1/Hang power clean from below knee x2 – 1 complex on
the min for 10 min.
(Used 70kg for the full 10 sets as didn’t want to push my wrist and haven’t hit below the knee power cleans for a long time so didn’t push heavier)

B. 3 position pause clean grip deadlifts (1 second pause in the
concentric at mid shin, knee, mid thigh – 3 second continual
eccentric); 5×5; rest 2 min
(All sets @ 80kg. Low back, hamstrings and lats felt a lot of work even at 80kg.)

C. Negative GH raises; 5×5; rest 2 min
(Way tougher than I remember, did these years ago but hamstrings still took a beating)

D. Weighted sorensen hold @ 20kg – 45 seconds x4; rest 2 min.
(Low back tired by the last set but enjoyed it.)

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