November 29th

8- felt good again today. Wrist still not 100% but didn’t stop me from doing anything.

A. Pause split jerk; build to a max:
(40,60,80,90,100,105,110,115kg miss. Missed 115kg 3 times, it didn’t feel heavy at all, just bad habits creeping back in with my back leg. Would’ve tried 120kg if I hit 115 but left it there)

B1. Push press; 6×6; rest 1 min
(70,72,75,75,75,75kg. Tough by the last set but fine otherwise)

B2. Weighted pull up clusters 2.2.2×6; rest 30 sec/rest 3 min
(24,26,28,28,28,28kg. Tough by last set)

C1. Close grip bench press; 5×5; rest 1 min
(75,75,75,75,77,77kg. Wrist not too bad)

C2. Bent over supinated barbell rows; 5-6×5; rest 3 min
(75,75,75,75,75,75kg. Felt good)

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