December 1st

9- felt great today. Wrist still not 100% but felt great under every clean. Hit a 117kg clean PR, attempted 120 but wasn’t there today.

A. Squat clean; build to a tough single:
40 2 x 3
60 2 x 2
80 2 x 1
90 2 x 1
100 2 x 1
105 x 1
110 x 1
114 x 1
117 x 1 PR
120 miss.
(Clean felt great throughout, delighted to hit a PR after such a long wait. I need to work on my ankle flexibility for bottom position though as it tends to make me lean too far forward in the bottom of the catch. Legs and mid section feeling a little stronger already though)

B. Drop to 90% of A and perform 7 singles; 105kg. Rest 2 min
(All fine, no problems)

C. Double barrel front squat; 5×5; rest 2 min
(70,75,75,80,83kg. Tougher than I thought but felt good)

D. Clean pulls; 5×5; rest 3 min
(120,120,120,123,123kg. Felt good, need to work on finishing a little more though I think.)

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