December 9th

7/8- felt pretty good in all movements but head cold still at me, hopefully have it sorted in a few days.

A. Split jerk; 7 singles @88% 1rm; 103kg. Rest 75 seconds
(All fine, not the most consistent jerks iv hit but happy enough)

B. Bent press; 6-8×4/side; rest 90 seconds bw sides
(16,16,20,24kb. Haven’t done these before but found them good. All x 8 reps apart from the last set with 24 x 6 each side.)

C1. Tucked front lever hold; 40 seconds accumulated x5; rest 1 min
(No problem here, lats tired by last set though)

C2. Weighted dip @31×2; 3-4×5; rest 1 min
(20kg for all sets of 4 reps. Tough by last set)

C3. Wall facing hs holds; 45 seconds x5; rest 2 min
(Left these out as my wrist just isn’t able for that position.)

D. DB side bends; 12-15×5; rest 1 min bw sides
(All fine)

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