December 23rd

6/7- not a good day unfortunately. Energy was low and I was just not on point at all. My middle and upper traps were fatigued and sore from the OHS yesterday so jerks were terrible over 100kg. Looking forward to resting for a few days.

A. Split jerk; build to a tough single
(105kg. Missed 110kg 4 times so walked away pretty frustrated. Just didn’t feel strong at all.)

B. Bench press; 5×5; rest 2:30
(All sets @ 80kg. Again felt pretty weak.)

C1. Single bar inverted hang; 30 seconds x5; rest 1 min
(Had to leave this out, traps were fatigued and felt pointless doing them)

C2. Weighted dip @31×2; 1-2×5; rest 1 min
(Used 32kg. Tougher than I expected but got through them.)

D. FLR on rings in hollow body position w/ small circles; 6 reps both
directions x5; rest 90 seconds
(These were fine)

D. Hanging half windshield wipers; 16 reps x4; rest 90 seconds
(Tired by this stage so didn’t get them all done.)

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