7/8- felt ok today. Ton of muscle soreness in Quads and glutes after Saturdays session. Didn’t have as much in for heavy singles because of that but still wasn’t too bad considering the Christmas break. Could’ve attempted heavier power snatch and power clean but decided against it down to how sore my legs were. Saturdays session was brilliant, really enjoyed it and legs will settle and be ready for that type of volume next time.

A. Power snatch; build to a max
(40,50,60,70,75,80kg. Felt fine and was going to attempt 83kg but my quads were really tender so moved on)

B. Power clean and jerk; build to a max
(60,70,80,90,100kg. All fine but left it at 100kg again because of legs.)

C. Power snatch; 10 singles @80% A; 65kg. Rest 90 seconds
(No problem, felt good)

D. Clean pulls; 3×3; rest 2 min
(120,125,125kg. Felt good)

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