7/8- felt decent today. New stretching and mobility drills are a lot of work but they feel good. Plan is to focus on abdominal stretching and thoracic mobility to help improve my breathing especially in the front squat which is still a major weakness for me. Going to ease back on abdominal strengthening exercises for the moment until my abs open up a bit more and allow me into better positions.

A. Split jerk; 8 singles @82% 1rm; 95kg. Rest 90 seconds
(40,60,80,90,95kg. All felt pretty solid)

B. DB push press @41×2; 4-6×5. Rest 90 seconds
(Used 25kg Dumbbells. Better than last week)

D1. Weighted dip; 1-2×6; rest 1 min (used 32kg, 2 dips each time)
D2. Pendlay rows; 3-4×6; rest 1 min (70kg x 4 each time)
D3. Hollow body rocks; 45 seconds x6; rest 3 min (left these out)

E. Side plank elbow twists; 10 reps/side x4; rest 30 seconds bw sides.
(Left these out for the moment and went back to more abdominal stretches and thoracic mobility drills)

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