January 24th

8- felt pretty good today. Still don’t feel strong under any snatches over 80kg but happy enough to hit 87 today, best iv hit for a while. Cleans were fine but jerks after 100kg weren’t great. Happy to clean 110 though, felt good.

A. Snatch; build to a max (2 misses maximum)
(40,50,60,70,75,80,83,85,87kg. 2 misses @ 87 before I got it so left it there. Happy enough with it though.)

B. Clean and jerk; build to a max (2 misses maximum)
(60,80,90,95,100,105,110kg no jerk. 2 misses @ 105kg on the jerk then hit it. Decided to go straight for 110kg as the 105 cleans felt really good. Missed jerk on 110 and left it there but clean felt good)

C. Back squat; 5×5 @ 120kg. Rest 3:00
(Tough by last set, not feeling strong under a squat yet but it’ll get there.)

D. Barbell rear foot elevated split squats; 6-8×4; rest 90 seconds bw legs
(40kg. Tough after everything else in the session but fine)

E. Arch body hold; 30 seconds x4; rest 60 seconds

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