January 27th

7/8- little tired today after yesterday’s session. Couldn’t push the jerk weight up to 92%, hit 6 singles at 105kg which is 90%. Had a couple of misses as well. Dropped the weight back to 100kg for the last 2 singles of the 8 reps. All snatch/clean/jerk %’s feel slightly high for week 1 but I’ll keep pushing and see how tomorrow goes. All of these %’s are definitely doable for me but just not this early in the cycle I feel.

A. Split jerk; 8 singles @92% 1rm; rest 2 min
(6 singles @ 105kg, 2 singles @ 100kg.)

B1. Push jerk; 5×5 tng; rest 2 min
(65,68,70,70,73kg. All fine)

B2. Weighted eccentric only pull up clusters×5; rest 15 sec/rest 2 min
(Used 20kg vest and 4s negative on each rep)

C1. Bench press; 5, 5, 5; rest 2 min
(80kg each set)

C2. Pendlay rows; 5-6×3; rest 2 min
20 min z1 row/airdyne
20 min mobility work

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