January 28th

8/9- felt great today. Good nights sleep last night and upped my calories.

A. Squat snatch; 8 singles @92+% 1rm. Rest 2min
(80,80,81,81,82,82,82,82kg. Just one miss at 80kg but fine after that. Didn’t push on past 82kg though as they we’re all far from technically good reps. Happy with it though)

B. Squat clean; 4 singles @94% 1rm. Rest 2 min
(4 x 1 @ 107kg. All fine, no problem with the pull but standing out of bottom position still feels tough. Didn’t push up to 110kg as that’s about as heavy as iv cleaned the last while, 107kg felt about right today)

C. Front squat; 5×5. Rest 3min
(All sets @ 105kg, 5kg increase from last week. Tough but felt good throughout)

D. Clean grip RDLs; 3×4. Rest 2 min
(All sets @ 120kg x 4. Felt good)

E. Hollow body hold; 35 seconds x4; rest 30 seconds
F. Weighted sit ups (DB on chest, crunch up no assistance from hip
flexors- short ROM); 10-12×4; rest 2 min
15 min mobility work

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