7/8- not a great session. Snatch felt way off, sluggish and just sloppy, couldn’t even hit 84kg (90%). Caught one of the attempts at 84kg wrong and hurt my right shoulder, nothing serious but left it there and backed down to 60kg for some tech work. Worked up to 100kg clean&jerk after but shoulder didn’t feel good for heavier jerks so I just continued with cleans.

A. Snatch; build to a max (2 misses maximum)
(40,50,60,70,75,80,82,84kg miss. Felt way off technically. Backed off down to 60kg and hit some high pulls and power snatches. Still feel like I need more drills like that)

B. Clean and jerk; build to a max (2 misses maximum)
(60,80,90,100,105 no jerk, 110 no jerk. Sloppy clean at 110kg and was a bit deflated by this stage so moved onto back squats.)

C. Back squat; 5×5 @ 125kg.
(Felt heavy but fine. Legs still don’t feel like they have much strength in them yet though. Should feel stronger in a few weeks time)

D. Shrimp squats; 12 reps/leg not for time
(Just wasn’t happening. Never attempted them before and wasn’t going to force them after a 5×5. Felt like I was gonna tear a hip flexor so didn’t continue)

E. Pistols @4040; accumulate 8 reps/side
(Subbed in extra pistols instead of shrimp squats. 4 x 8, no problem)

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