February 4th

8/9- felt great today. Decided to do a bit of tech work before the row sprints and hit some snatch balances. Just aimed to hit 60-70kg for some fast doubles but felt so good I pushed the weight up a bit. I know it wasn’t part of the plan for the day but I ended up hitting 100kg for a 7kg PR. I haven’t gone heavy or for a max in this movement in probably 2 years so when I felt this good I decided to give it a run. There’s definitely more in there as well but I left it at 100kg. Last time I tested my OH squat max it was around 2 years ago as well when I hit 110kg but definitely feel like I could attempt more as well now.

Row sprint 15 seconds @100%
rest 1:45
10 min easy row
30 min work

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