8- felt pretty good today. Low back, mainly QL’s, slightly fatigued after all the bent presses so left the L-sits out in the C part. Other than that felt good.

A. Push jerk @41×2 (the 2 second pause in the catch position not
standing all the way up until after the iso pause); 5×5; rest 90
(70,70,70,70,75kg. Felt good. Didn’t push heavier as didn’t feel like I’m back to 100% yet.)

B1. Bent press; 6-8×5; rest 1 min bw sides
(20kg kettlebell, no problem.)

B2. Weighted pull up clusters×5; rest 15 sec/rest 2 min
(32kg KB, no problems)

C1. Bent over single arm DB rows; 6-8×4/side; rest 1 min
(40kg DB, felt good)

C2. Weighted dip @31×1; 4-6×4; rest 1 min
(20kg Kb, no problem)

C3. L-sit hold; accumulate 1 min x4; rest 2 min (left out as low back fatigued)
20 min mobility work

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