8- felt great today. Enjoyed the whole session.

A. Snatch 78kg 3 x 1. Rest 2:00.
(Felt great, no misses.)

B. Front squat 6 x 6 @ 100kg. Rest 2:00
(Was tough enough by the last set but I definitely need it. Enjoyed it.)

Set 1&6:

C. Heaving snatch balance+2 x OHS. Build to max: 80kg
(Legs were tired after the front squats but happy to hit 80kg on this.)

D. Snatch grip behind the neck strict press; 5×5. Rest 2 min
(I read this wrong and did BTN push presses. I only realised afterwards. Hit 60,63,65,68,70kg)
20 min z1 AD+mobility

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