February 24th

8- felt pretty good today. Feel my quads after all the front squats but overall felt pretty good.

A. Jerk dip squats; 2-3×5; rest 2 min
(No problems with the movement, all sets x 3 @ 120kg. Still need to work on being able to take a breath under that kind of load. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have the ability to get air in while supporting heavier loads in front rack)

B. Jerk recoveries; 2-3×5; rest 2 min
(Had to be inventive with stacking our jerk boxes onto plyo boxes and mats to make this doable. Not the safest to be honest but it worked. Very time consuming to set up and take down though and not do abLe on your own. Used 90,95,98,100,100kg. Never did these before so didn’t go any heavier)

C. Deficit clean pulls; 3×3 @100% 1rm clean (1.5″)
No problems, felt good. All x 3 @ 120kg)

D1. Seated arnold press; 5-6×4; rest 1 min
(Used 20kg dumbbells, tough by the end but enjoyable)

D2. Wide grip weighted pull ups @31×2; 2-3×4; rest 1 min
(Used 24kg KB, tough by the last set)
20 min mobility work

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