February 25th

8- felt great again today, quads weren’t 100% recovered after Monday’s front squats but no problems at all throughout the session. Enjoyed it.

A. Squat clean; 5 singles @85% 1rm; 102kg. Rest 2 min
(All felt good, felt fast and tidy enough. Still jumping back on a few of them but remedied it by the last rep)

B. Box elevated KB jumps (put your feet on low boxes or low boxes with
a space for a KB in between, hold the KB and squat down with it in
between your legs and jump up as aggressively as you can); 5×5; rest
90 seconds
(On 8″ boxes with a 24Kg KB, felt fine)

C. Back squat; 3 reps on the min for 10 min @65% 1rm: 100kg
(Felt good, got faster as the sets went on, enjoyed it)

D. Bent knee back extensions; 12-15×3; rest 2 min
(Figured them out after you mailed me back. Couldn’t fit my legs into the GHD though so had to sit hips further back. No issues though)

E. Clean grip RDLs; 6-8×3; rest 2 min
(All sets @ 110kg. No problems. Looking forward to Friday)

20 min z1 cool down on AD

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