6/7- felt pretty flat after the snatches. Hit 80kg no problem then missed 83 twice so went back and hit 82kg then left it there. Iv no idea why I felt flat. Felt good at 40-80kg. Clean and jerks were sloppy enough as well once I hit 100kg. My head again got the better of me and I just got frustrated for the rest of the session. No idea why this keeps happening.

A. Squat snatch – build to a max (only 3 attempts above 80 kilos)
(40,50,60,70,75,80,83 miss,83 miss, 82kg. Hoped to hit 83/85/87 but nowhere near it today.)

B. Clean and jerk – build to a max (only 3 attempts above 95 kilos)
(60,80,90,95,100,105,108kg miss jerk. Jerks got sloppy after 100kg.)

C. Front squat; build to a 3rm (3 heavy attempts maximum)
(60,80,100,110,115kg. Tough at 115kg, middle back again)

D. Clean pulls; 5×5; rest 2 min
(All sets @ 127kg. Felt heavy at this stage, mainly my middle back)

E. Hurdler step ups; 6-8×3/leg; rest 1 min bw legs

F. Arch body holds; 45 seconds unbroken x3; rest 45 seconds

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