February 27th

8/9- felt much better than yesterday, enjoyed the session, everything felt pretty solid.

A. Snatch grip btn push jerk; 2, 2, 2, 2, 2; rest 2 min (building sets to a max double)
(50,60,70,80,90,95,100kg. Very happy to hit 100 x 2, never hit that before x 2.)

B. Snatch balance x1/OHS x3/Snatch balance x1; rest 90 seconds x6 complexes (moderate load, positional focus)
(All sets @ 60kg. Felt good.)

C. Pause push press; 5×5 @80% 1rm push press: 74kg. Rest 2 min
(Felt good, tough on final set but happy with it)

D1. Strict press @41×2; 3-4×3; rest 2 min
(50kg x 4 for all sets, felt good)

D2. Jumping back squats; 10 reps AFAP x3; rest 2 min. ~30% 1rm: 50kg
(No problems, felt good)

E. Seated OH single arm tricep extensions @31×1; 6-8×3/arm; rest 1 min bw arms
(Used 10kg DB, haven’t done these in years, enjoyed them a lot)

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