8- felt fully recovered after yesterday, just didn’t hit any good cleans of the 5 singles. Everything else was fine.

A. Squat clean; 5 singles @88% 1rm; 105kg. Rest 2 min
(No misses but just didn’t really hit any consistent cleans, just a little sluggish on them today)

B. Box elevated KB jumps; 6 reps x5; rest 90 seconds (same load as last week)
(No problems)

C. Back squat; 3 reps on the min for 10 min @68% 1rm: 108kg
(Tough in the first few mins but better as it went on)

D. Bent knee back extensions; 12-15×4; rest 2 min
(No problems)

E. Clean grip RDLs; 8×4; rest 2 min
(All sets @ 103kg. No problems)

20 min z1 cool down

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