8/9- felt great today. I made a couple of changes with my nutrition over the last 3 days and my stomach has improved drastically. Energy wasn’t amazing going into today’s session but once I got moving I felt great

A. Squat snatch – build to a max in 20 min (3 misses maximum)
40,50,60,70,75,80,83 miss,83,85,88 miss,88,90,94kg miss.
Feel great throughout. Still trying to correct my catch position and stay taller in the bottom but I felt strong and fast today. Wasn’t expecting to snatch more than 87/88 as I haven’t hit 90 this year but once I hit 88 I kept going. Hit 90 first time and then felt confident to go for 94 but missed. Still very happy with it considering Monday was such a disaster. Next time il go 86,89,92,94 maybe.

Video shows 80kg onwards:

B. Clean and jerk – build to a max in 20 min (3 misses maximum)
60,80,90,95,100,105 miss jerk, 108 miss jerk.
Cleans felt good but jerks over 100kg are still feeling pretty shitty, no idea why. Just have no confidence on heavier jerks after the clean now. Cleans felt strong though.

Video shows 100,105,108kg:

C. Front squat; build to a max
60,80,100,110,120,125,128kg miss.
Again felt pretty good here. Working on my breathing under heavier front squats and seems to be helping. 125 felt better than 120 but then 128kg was too much for me today although my back felt stronger. I possibly should’ve gone straight to 128 after 120 but i wasn’t expecting to even hit 125 to be honest. Overall I was really happy with the session though.

20 min mobility work

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