March 17th

8/9- felt great again today. Energy good. We had open gym for 3 hours so I jumped in with all of the weightlifters, getting to do that a bit now, energy in the sessions is great.

A. Split jerk; build to a tough single
40,60,80,90,100,105,110kg. All felt good. Left it at 110kg, tough but felt good.

B. Split jerk waves; 80, 85, 90% of A; rest 3 min x3 waves (9 reps)
88,93,98kg. All felt great.

C. Deficit clean pulls; 3×3 @106% 1rm clean (1.5″)
127kg. All felt good, no problems.

D1. Laying DB tricep extensions; 12-15×5; rest 1 min
10kg DB’s, tough by the last set.

D2. Ring rows @21×2; accumulate 10 reps x5; rest 2 min
Tough by the last set but unbroken throughout. Enjoyed the whole session.
20 min mobility work

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