March 20th

8/9- felt great again today. Very happy with how the mock meet went. Pushed my snatches higher than before and all felt great. Kept Clean&jerk numbers the same as I haven’t hit more than 105 in recent weeks but today felt great. I’ll push higher next time. Still some adjustments to make but very happy with progress.

Oly meet simulation:
Snatch Wa rm ups went:
40,50,60,70,75,79,81kg. No misses, all felt solid.
3 attempts were 84,87,90kg. Hit all 3 no problems, still need to stay taller in the catch in my bottom position but felt good overall.

Clean&jerk warm ups went:
60,80,90,95,100kg. All felt good, jerk felt better than it has in weeks.
3 attempts were 105,108kg,110kg. Hit all 3 fine again, the heavier it gets the more my jerks suffer though. Still it’s an improvement from missing 108kg for the last few weeks. Next time I’ll push for 107,110,112kg I think. PR Clean&jerk is 112kg though so I’m tempted to push for 113/114kg. Happy overall with progress though.

A. Snatch; 3 singels @85% heaviest from sim: 77kg
No problems, all felt good.

Set 3/3:

B. Clean and jerk; 3 singles @85% heaviest from sim: 94kg
No problems, all felt good.

Set 3/3:

C. Pause front squat @22×1; 3-4×5; rest 3 min
80,85,90,90,95kg. Wasn’t sure where to start on these but 95kg x 4 to finish was tough enough.

Set 4/5 @ 90kg:

D. Barbell walking lunges; 20 steps x3; rest 2 min
40kg. No problems, felt great overall.

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