March 23rd

8- felt pretty good today, snatches werent great though, still have a lot to do to correct posture in the bottom position.

A. Squat snatch waves; 81%, 85%, 89%, 89+% x3; rest 2 min
Increased all numbers by 1kg from last week.
Wave 1: 76,79,82,85kg

Wave 2: 77,80,83,86kg

Wave 3: 78,81,84,87kg

Missed 87kg three times so left it. Was just tired I think.

B. Front squat; build to a tough triple
110kg, this felt heavier than usual after all the snatches so left it at 110kg.

C. Pressing snatch balance; 5×5; rest 90 seconds @ moderate load, positional focus, increase from last week: 43kg
Felt solid, no problems.

D. Hang squat clean; 2 reps on the min for 10 min below knee, ~65% 1rm: 78kg
No problems, felt solid.

20 min z1 cool down/movement/mobility

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