8- bit tired driving all day yesterday and another 35min drive to the gym today but felt pretty good.

A. Squat clean waves; 81-84-89-89+ x3; rest 2 min
3 waves all at 95,100,105,110kg. All felt solid, just missed the final clean @ 110kg on wave 3 because I jumped back but made the correction and hit it after.

Wave 1:

B. Back squat; 3×3 @92% of B from last mon; rest 3 min
125kg. Felt good, legs a little heavy by 3rd set but only because of the travel I think.

C. Back squat jumps; 10 reps AFAP x5; rest 2 min @ 35% 1rm: 55kg
No problems, all felt good.

D1. Single leg rdl’s;8-10×5; rest 1 min
D2. Strict toes to bar; 15 reps x5; rest 2 min
20 min z1 cool down

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