7/8- little out of sync after being away but I know that’s just the long drive yesterday.

A. Squat snatch waves; 82%, 85%, 89%, 90+% x3; rest 2 min
76,80,83,85kg each wave. Too many misses to count to be honest! Jumping back on a lot of them causing me to miss out in front a lot. The weight never felt heavy, just felt out of sync.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3: (missed 83 twice so left it there as didn’t want to get frustrated)

B. Squat clean; 3 singles @90% 1rm; rest 3 min
108kg. All felt fine, legs felt strong even with some deep catches.

C. Back squat; 3×3 @126-130kg; rest 3 min
126,128,130kg. Legs felt strong. Shouldve hit all 3 sets @ 130kg

D. OHS; 3×3 @33×1; rest 2 min
80,83,85kg. No problems, just a little tender on left wrist.

20 min z1 cool down/movement/mobility

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