8- felt a bit better today than the last couple of days, cleans were decent.

A. Squat clean waves;83-88-88+ x4; rest 2 min
All 4 waves at 101,106,111kg. Missed the 111kg clean on the 3rd wave but reset and got it. 111kg each time felt heavy but fine. Working on not jumping back and felt a bit better today.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Wave 4:

B. Front squat; build to a 5rm: 110kg.
Last rep wasn’t pretty but happy enough with that today.

C. Drop snatch x1/OHS x2 – 1 complex EMOM x 10 mins
Used 45kg, felt solid.

Mins 1,5,10:

D. Single leg rdl’s;8-10×5; rest 1 min bw sides: 15DB’s.
E. L-sit – accumulate 3 min perfect not for time
20 min z1 cool down

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