8- felt pretty good today, meet simulation didn’t go as well as I’d planned but sure I’ll get back at it Monday.

Oly meet simulation:
Snatch warm up:
40kg 2 x 3
50kg 2 x 2
60kg 2+1
70kg x 2
75kg x 1
79kg x 1
81kg x 1

All warm ups felt great, light and fast. No misses. Was pretty confident of snatching 90kg.

84kg. No problem.
87kg. Silly miss. I slightly rushed it but it didn’t feel heavy.
90kg. Focused on finishing harder after leaving 87kg out in front but for some reason I didn’t lock it out and it came down on me, hit my low back but I was fine.

I feel like I rushed a little bit through my warm up and should’ve spent longer hitting some reps between 70&80kg. I think I’m going to open at 85kg then attempt 88kg and then go for 90kg for my third. 87kg to 90kg might be a little bit of a big jump so at least if I make my second at 88 it’ll be what I hit in Novembers meet.

Clean&jerk warm up:
60kg 3 x 1
80kg 2 x 1
90kg x 1
95kg x 1
100kg x 1

Clean&jerk attempts:
105kg. No problem, felt good.
109kg. Clean was fine, jerk was a little off but held it together.
112kg. Clean was fine, jerk miss. Left it out in front even though I felt confident to hit it. This is my PR C&J, if I don’t beat this soon I’ll be pretty pissed as I feel much better than that.

A. Snatch; 3 singles @93% heaviest from sim:
Used 80kg, all felt easy. Felt like I was warmer here than earlier on in the sim.

B. Clean and jerk; 3 singles @93% heaviest from sim:
Used 105,106,106kg. All felt great. In the next sim I might increase my opener on the C&J to 107 then go 110 and 112kg as my third.

C. Back squat; 1, 1, 1; rest 3 min (building sets)
Legs were getting tired by this stage so didn’t push too high.

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