8/9- felt good today. Well rested over the weekend, wasn’t used to such a break in training.

A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single. Each time you miss drop 5kg’s and build back up, only 3 misses allowed.

First wave:
40,50,60,70,75,79,81,83,85,87,89kg miss. Felt very good and just missed 89 behind but it felt light.

Video shows 79kg onwards:

After missing 89kg I dropped back to 84, missed that so dropped back to 80kg.

Second wave:
80,83,86,89,91kg miss. Felt even better this time. Thought I had the 91 but rushed to stand and lost it forward. Happy enough with how everything felt though.

B. Squat clean; 3 singles @93+% 1rm; rest 3 min
All 3 at 111kg. Mid read the % and thought it was 3 x 1 @ 93%, I’ll push on next time. Felt good though.

C. Back squat; 7 singels @85+% 1rm; 136kg. Rest 3 min
Felt heavy but good.

Sets 1&7:

D. OHS; 2, 2, 2 @33×1; rest 2 min
90,95,100kg. Felt pretty solid at 90&95kg so went for 100kg. Felt very good. Looking forward to testing a single on this.

20 min z1 cool down/movement/mobility

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