6/7- was pretty fatigued from the weekend. Didn’t notice until i started training. I was just flat with no energy. Weight is down to 77kg as well which hasn’t helped. Hopefully it’s just a bad day.

A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single. 3 misses allowed with 5kg back offs.
40,50,60,70,75,80,83,86,89 miss. Dropped back to 84 and missed again. Back to 80kg, made that but then missed 84kg so left it.

B. Squat clean; 3 singles @95+% 1rm; rest 3 min
60,80,90,100,105,110 miss. Couldn’t even get to 114 to attempt it. Had no energy.

C. Back squat; 5 singels @89+% 1rm; rest 3 min
Worked up to 140kg and squatted it once, felt near max effort and when I went for the next rep 3mins later I couldn’t stand it up. Finished up here, didn’t feel like there was much point going on.

D. OHS; build to a max
20 min z1 cool down/movement/mobility

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